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We compile and publish a directory of top Japanese lawyers located worldwide. We check the judiciary information in each lawyers's state of licensure to determine if they have been the subject of a grievance, formal disciplinary action, or a civil lawsuit for malpractice. This information is published on each lawyers's listing page for our visitor's consideration as part of our listing review process.

Our goal is to provide an easy to search database of trustworth Japanese lawyers from around the globe. This service is free of charge to clients, and professionals can also publish their listings for free.

Yuka Hongo attorney
Yuka Hongo

3 years licensed

ChaHee Nagashima Lee Olson attorney
ChaHee Nagashima Lee Olson

3 years licensed

Jason M. Shimotake attorney
Jason M. Shimotake

3 years licensed

Michael N. Cohen attorney
Michael N. Cohen

6 years licensed

Tomohiro Kagami attorney
Tomohiro Kagami

6 years licensed

Matt Iwama attorney
Matt Iwama

6 years licensed

Marcus L. Landsberg IV attorney
Marcus L. Landsberg IV

10 years licensed

Nozomu Ohara attorney
Nozomu Ohara

10 years licensed

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